Nutshell Live! @ The Old Queen’s Head – 16 October 2011

At last, here’s the video reportage of our last Nutshell Live! As usual, the bands playing were fantastic and the audience great. More soon exness!

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Nutshell Magazine Live video reportage – Old Queen’s Head – 19th June 2011


Lupen Crook

Franky and the Jacks

Franky without the Jacks

and all of a sudden, from the Vatican…

And She Knows

…with their music quiz hosted by Kat Redstone

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Festival time…

Today might not be sunny and warm, but surely you can remember the cleverly timed string of sunny days that blessed this country over Easter and the Royal holiday, exness thailand if you can’t that’s probably because you are still sun stroked or were abroad on an anti kingdom trip. Either way, we’re here to tell you that now it’s officially possible to envisage hanging out in a park and sleeping in a tent of your own free will and not just because you’re homeless. For a few months coming up we can confirm that the outdoors won’t kill you… it’s time to start thinking about festivals, and we’re thinking Latitude.

The Nutshell team went to Latitude last year for the first time and it was wonderful so this year not only we want to go again, we want you to be there too. Here’s a list of 5 indisputable reasons:

1. Sheep the colour of rainbow and the most bucolic of settings. I’m not sure why, but blue, green and pink sheep do exist outside the realm of hallucinogenics and they’re at Latitude, sprawled about on the field by a sleepy river, looking happy and chewing grass. Thick forest surrounds the main stages, with some smaller stages deep inside among the trees… We have to say, the location is perfect, and it kind of makes the festival.

2. The literary presence. There are several tents dedicated to poetry and literature. These are large, cool areas sheltered from the scorching sun and equipped with comfy cushions. One can very well wake up early in the morning, have a quick shower and then come here and settle on a cushion to see who’s reading what, not exactly dozing back to sleep but waking up gently to the sound of a poem or a story. If this doesn’t sound blissful I don’t know what does.  Later in the day, things warm up and the tents get packed, and the good thing is: they get packed with lovely people. The line up is super and the atmosphere great. Damn we do love those shady tents!

3. The comedyyyy. How blissful rocking up to the comedy tent at random times and finding ourselves sitting there in stitches for hours. The comedy tent is huge and really crowded, you’ll have to walk over people to get to an empty patch and that’s probably when you’ll be picked at by the comedian on stage. A tip: outside the tent we found some sofas lying about, if you see a free one, drag it all the way to the tent and use it. They’re the most comfortable way of watching comedy, they’ll swallow you whole and you’ll literally forget yourself exness th.

4. The music. This year we feel like we’re in a time warp, it’s just a jump to the left and a step to the right and Suede appear, together with Echo and the Bunnymen. Those of you brave enough to admit it can join us right now and get really excited about these comebacks, what a treat! Also, remember when OMD meant Original Manoeuvres in the Dark and OMG absolutely nothing? We do, and we can’t wait to be there and see how they hold the stage. The great thing about this year’s line up is that Latitude combines good oldies with really fresh new bands, without forgetting the sweet inbetweeners like Paolo Nutini, The Cribs, Paloma Faith, KT Tunstall, The National, Eels, Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan and British Sea Power.

5. The rest! Theatre, Cabaret, Film, Ballet, Contemporary Art… who knows what will impress you and capture your imagination, what will Sadler’s Wells and the English National Ballet will come up with or what will happen at Pandora’s Playground. One of the best things about festivals, and what it should be all about, is discovery and experimentation. Wandering the grounds finding new things to like.

We can’t wait!

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Pepe Belmonte involved in serious bike accident – Tour cancelled but support event organised for Saturday 16th April

On 31st March Pepe Belmonte was just about to start off on a tour to launch his critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Hermit’s Waltz’ but was involved in a serious bike accident after being knocked down by a speeding police van.

On Saturday 16th April, he was supposed celebrate the final night of his UK tour. Instead his friends are hosting a very special fundraising night for the Beatroot Rendez-Vous founder who is currently recovering from the accident.


We friends hope to raise some funds to help him do his tour once he’s better.


The proposed line up is set to include:

Jenny Lindfors
Benjamin Folke Thomas
Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou
Frank Doody
Jack Day
Trent Miller
Grace Banks
All the Queens Ravens
+ many more!


When: Saturday 16th April 2011

Where: The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road, City of London, EC1R 3BL

Time:  8pm – 11.30pm

Price £4

**Make sure you get there early if you definitely want to get in because we expect it to be packed out!**


News about the crash


Some early ‘The Hermit’s Waltz’ Reviews


Pepe Belmonte

Pepe Belmonte ‘Family State Blues’ –

Pepe Belmonte ‘Mountain With a Moving Peak’ –
Pepe Belmonte ‘The Hermit’s Waltz’ –

Pepe Belmonte ‘Glory of Love’ –

Pepe Belmonte ‘Pending on my Mind’ –

Pepe Belmonte ‘Mistletoe Kisses’ –


For more information about Pepe Belmonte and Beatroot at the Betsey please contact Jody VandenBurg


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