Nutshell is a brilliant independent literary magazine exness. It’s small, sturdy, and the perfect space for poetry, short stories, interviews, illustration, art, and photography to meet and work together. Some of the work we publish comes to us unsolicited via email and some other we go looking for and commission from people we follow or find randomly browsing blogs.

All the people involved in the production of Nutshell, including all contributors but – sadly – excluding printers, work on this project for free, just because they like the idea of an independent, non-money driven magazine to exist.  We would absolutely love to be able to pay our writers and artists and graphic designers and web designers and editors for their amazing work but we just don’t have any money. Plain and simple. This kind of product doesn’t sell well, we all know it but we still love it regardless exness thailand.

Nutshell was born in 2008. Our first issue came out in Spring 2009 and was absolutely brilliant. Getting a kite off the ground for the first time is not as easy as it seems and neither was this.  Issue #1 featured  some excellent short stories, poems and artwork, as well as an interview with Blake Morrison, in which he discussed the literary memoir. The issue was very successful and, as we’ve run out of copies, it is now extremely rare and collectible, although you can have a look at our gorgeous virtual copy here on our website or pop to the British Library and take it out for a spin round the reading rooms.

Who are we? Faye Fornasier is the engine and steering wheel; Rebecka Mustajärvi is the windscreen, air freshener and stereo; Ian McLachlan is the dashboard, hand brake, and eject button exness th.

What they say…

‘The magazine is a triumph. I have read it in 2 of the 5  places suggested, and added one of my own. x’

Alex MacDonald http://selectedpoems.wordpress.com/

‘The quality of the writing is nothing to be sniffed at, even though nearly every contributor was a new name to me. Their website is also rather spiffy, and the editors keep the blog regularly updated with more articles and news.’

Fuselit http://fuselit.blogspot.com/2010/06/three-magazines.html



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