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Where Rockets Burn Through

Excellent Sci-Fi poetry anthology launch last night. ‘Where rockets burn through’ will appeal to poetic scientists and sciency poets alike – and pretty as it is, will make an awesome present for just about anyone. Click on this link and get yourself a copy pocket option !

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Don’t move – it’s an artist.

Poets, according to the Greek philosopher Plato, were too dangerous to be allowed in the ideal state. What if a modern democracy agreed with him? Confronting the Danger of Art is a booklet of poems and artwork which draws on Plato’s arguments against poetry in The Republic to inculcate an pocket option deposit bonus anti-art message. Styled on the pamphlets produced by the UK government in the 1970s/80s, such as the nuclear attack guide Protect and Survive, Confronting the Danger of Art introduces us to a world where art is considered on the same calculus of risk as nuclear war, and artists are hunted down by the police. More information at .

Sidekick Books brought poet Ian McLachlan and artist Phil Cooper together and invited them to produce the first in a new series of illustrated poetry pamphlets. One aim of Read the rest of this entry »

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Buy Issue 3

Guten Tag, Ich Heiße Nussschale. Wie geht’s?

This is where you buy yourself a copy of the most sensational, pocketoption perfectly bound magazine, so cool it barely knows German but gets by in Berlin nevertheless.

Here it is!

PLEASE! This is the first issue in colour so watch out when you open it, it’s stunning. You certainly don’t want to get stunned as you cross a road, for example. Bitte nicht.

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